Bears Cafe Bar

There is nothing like letting your imagination go wild and flooding your senses with a trip to the cinema. How about teaming that up with deliciously creative ice cream? This is what Bears at the Cinema offer, a boutique cinema experience at ActOne Cinema.

A warm welcome and endless gastronomic delights

We greet you there with a warm welcome, delicious menu of toasties, baked goods, coffee and expertly curated wine along with, of course, creative ice cream! Our Cinema location is special in the way that it is our only location where you can experience our delicious scoop tubs in a cone.  In our ice cream table we have a seasonal curation of freshly churned flavours, handmade by our very own Mr. Bear and his team, just down the road.

Pop by and look at the adventurous selection, and don’t be afraid to ask for a sneaky taste before buying. We know a Pumpkin Seed Nougat ice cream might sound novelty, but it is all about trying and expanding your horizons of what ice cream can be! All of our ice creams are Mr. Bears own, secret recipes, made from the highest quality Jersey Milk and fresh ingredients (we believe mint choc chip should be made by actual mint!).

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